The Miri Sais Audio Experience

The Miri Sais Audio Experience is the truth about all things holistic, women’s health, marriage, family, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Centered around your host traditional birth attendant, childbirth educator, and prodigy entrepreneur Miri Sais.

Tune in as I share my lifestyle of 33 plus years living holistically. This season you’ll find an extraordinary mix of interviews, stories, and audio realities from all walks of life. Never before have you heard plant-based and entrepreneurial lifestyle as one organic real-life experience, using my problem-solving mindset. 

Ep13: Nicole Deggins Mother and CNM, Shares Her Birth Story

The Miri Sais Audio Experience podcast with Nicole Deggins Mother and CNM, Shares Her Birth, Life, and Loss Experience. Nicole is also the creator of black midwives/doulas directory. She also has doula training and online schooling.

Ep12: Jazmine Hardy: First Free Home Lotus Birth Experience

The Miri Sais Audio Experience podcast with Jazmine Hardy.
She shares her first experience birthing at home, using the traditional wisdom of Lotus Birth where the cord stays attached after delivering the placenta.

Empress Imani Speaks

My Mother Empress Imani AKA Mata is such an amazing person that since her transition all we (me and my siblings) hear is “I wish I knew your mother and/or was raised by her”. In this small special Mother’s Day episode you’ll experience a speck of our Mystic Empress. She definitely sparked many brains.

Nothing I say could ever express the amount of thankfulness I feel for her dedication to her children and life purpose.

She lived it!

Respect The Process

Respecting your process is one of the most important steps in growth and development. If you understand that, you won’t disrespect your own or anyone else’s. Most times people view what they see you doing as nothing, yet would never develop themselves into anything other than being a worker of someone else’s dreams. So disrespect it and watch yourself build up what someone else envisioned.
Be patience with your process, create and never stop.

Natural Birth Control

Methods include specific actions that people can naturally do to help prevent an unintended pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Awareness

In a world filled with inequality, crises, and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers.We all have an important role to play in ensuring the growth, development, and survival of children around the world. Breastfeeding can’t be covered in a week nor a mouth.

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