With Nicole Deggins Mother and CNM, Shares Her Birth Story, Life, and Loss Experience

Nicole Deggins, creator of black midwives/doulas directory. She also has doula training and online schooling. Without a doubt She is definitely creating a paradigm shift to change the way we think about birth.

Nicole is one of the county’s leading birth advocacy experts. She is a sought-after trainer, public speaker and community educator, working to eliminate perinatal disparities and bring transparency to prenatal education and the medical obstetrical system.

Prior to starting her work with Sista Midwife Productions, Nicole received her BS in Nursing from Georgetown University, and completed a dual degree program at Emory University where she fulfilled the requirements for the MS in Nursing with a concentration in midwifery, and an MPH with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. During her clinical career, Nicole has practiced as a midwife in Washington DC, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and has worked as a labor and delivery nurse in numerous public and private settings throughout the country.

” Birth is the Revolution

The Miri Sais Audio Experience Podcast 

Season 1, episode 13: Nicole Deggins Mother and CNM, Shares Her Birth Story, Life, and Loss Experience

I am thankful our guest, Nicole Deggins, a mother, certified nurse midwife and all around wonderful and incredible woman joined my show to share about her births. She also talks about what lead her to become a midwife and how she began birth work at a very young age. Her stories are about love, birth, loss, and life. She is giving much education by sharing solid facts and her personal opinions.

If you are looking to become a doula please register for her doula training. Also, check out The Birth Plan Myth™ and so much more by visiting Sistamidwife.com make sure to follow Nicole on Instagram at @Sistamidwife


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The Miri Sais Audio Experience Podcast

by Nicole Deggins | Shares Her Birth Story, Life, and Loss Experience

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The Miri Sais Audio Experience Podcast,

With our guest, Nicole Deggins Mother and CNM, Shares Her Birth Story, Life, and Loss Experience

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