Miri Sais
TBA, Certified Market Garden Trainer, Prodigy Entrepreneur

Miri Sais is second generation Traditional Birth Attendant, was raised with an education centered around holistic health, agriculture, and childbirth education. She started with doula services and agriculture training at the very young age of seven. She began assisting births at the age of ten, to date she has attended more than 1000 births, with phenomenal outcomes. She has been trained in extremely effective methods for dealing with some of the most-feared birth complications: shoulder dystocia, breech babies, perineal tearing, and postpartum hemorrhaging.

She has lectured around the US at schools, centers, and community gardens; inspiring entrepreneurial endeavors, biodynamic agriculture and childbirth education–specifically the promotion of low-intervention. Her passion for growing food lead her to combine her skills and entrepreneurial mindset into becoming a Certified Market Garden Trainer.

She published HHK Magazine for seven years, a quarterly covering creatives, midwifery, marriage, and childbirth education. In 2018 she launched The Miri Sais Audio Experience a podcast focused on holistic living, women’s health, marriage, family, agriculture, and entrepreneurship; centered around her life as a traditional birth attendant, childbirth educator, and prodigy entrepreneur.